Developers of a revolutionary Web3 App for Labor Markets​

Trade Engine is a decentralized labor platform app that employs proprietary technology to optimize the employment process and foster equity.

The viability of this novel technology for streamlining the job market cannot be overlooked.

By leveraging our patent-pending technology, employers and employees can save time, boost productivity, and increase profitability. The Trade Engine app is designed to connect employers with qualified workers quickly and efficiently hand in hand, thus improving the labor market at an international level. Our app is suitable for all industrial projects, government agencies, private businesses, and countries that aspire to streamline their recruitment and employment processes.

Our app is designed to seamlessly integrate labor markets and national borders in a way that has never been seen before.

We have already established partnerships with some government agencies and private industries, and we believe more collaborations are possible.

For more information or to request an NDA, please share your contact information with us. We look forward to working with you.

Trade Engine LLC is registered with Dun & Bradstreet. Trade Engine LLC was invited to be a finalist in the National Science Foundation program in 2020. SBIR/STTR 

The National Science Foundation comments regarding the Strengths of the Trade Engine Technology are:

“The potential commercial impact of this project is to develop patent-pending advanced applications for labor related markets, for both government and private industries. Strengths:  + Competence with advanced applications for labor related markets. + Novelty in smart contracts including tax treatment. + Potential to enhance efficiency in labor markets. + Intention to serve underemployed workers in a digital economy.”

Trade Engine LLC ia a technology team member of Aegir. Aegir Systems provides Engineering & Technical Services for the United States (US) federal agencies, districts, state, and local governments. Acting as a force multiplier we enhance the effectiveness of our clients’ mission execution. We efficiently align, integrate, and synergize “Future-Present Solutions” that enrich client agencies’ decision-making. As part of the extended US government enterprise, we apply advanced management practices and proven technologies that enable our government client agencies’ goals and objectives──to meet our nation’s aspirations.

Our Whole System Transformation approach addresses small- and large-scale Organizational Change Management. Our advanced technology and knowledge management methodologies leverage the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and digital transformation to deliver Future-Present Solutions. Trade Engine Technology LLC provides significant innovations to Aegir projects.

Our Team

David Cho

Technical Advisor

Software Development Lead at Department of Defense. Applications Integration and Business Intelligence (AIBI) Software Development Lead POINT MUGU CA. (AIBI) software development lead for the web application development team for the NAWCWD command (722000E) and its employees over NAS Mugu and China Lake. Over 35+ web applications serving enterprise business needs across departments

Bill Shook


Mr Shook has provided business and market information and services to many of the top 500 companies, including: IBM, AT&T, Ford, Honda, The World Bank, The Swiss Bank, Banco Azteca, General Electric, Starbucks, McDonalds, Sunkist, Juan Valdez, Austin Engineering. Former manager and advisor to international Data Centers. Initiated and managed many international projects for joint ventures, investments, import/export. Market development for IBM and AT&T in Asia.

Jan Lindner

Technical Advisor

Mr. Lindner is CEO of Stainless Games. Jan sold his company, Ironport, to Cisco for $800M in 2006. He was CEO of Leonid Systems, and CTO of Take 2 (publisher of Grand Theft Auto — the second best-selling video game of all time with over 135 million copies shipped and one of the most financially successful entertainment products of all time, with about $6 billion in worldwide revenue. He was CTO of Vivendi Games, Sierra Online, publisher of World of Warcraft — In 2019, Vivendi generated a total revenue of $16.3 billion. Jan has over 25 years of managerial and entrepreneurial experience in software development and corporate management

Darrell Gooden, PhD

Industry liaison

Dr. Gooden is Senior Vice President Business Development at Aegir Systems. Aegir is a company with forty years experience working with US Government and Private Enterprise contracts and projects. Dr. Gooden was Transformation Manager at the U.S. NAVAL SURFACE WARFARE CENTER. Darrell has 25 years experience leading technology and innovation projects, process management, and productivity improvements in the USA government and with NATO partner countries. He has expertise in mechatronics (electronics, engineering, computer science, systems engineering), statistical analysis, strategic planning, project planning and program management. Dr. Gooden has presented at conferences that includes the World Future Society, Conference on Human Capital Strategy, etc. He was given the following awards in the Navy organization: LEAN SIX SIGMA CHAMPION, USA NATIONAL SHINGO LEAN SILVER MEDALLION. He is a recipient of the FEDERAL COMPUTER WEEK MAGAZINE’S “FEDERAL 100” AWARD, honoring the 100 most influential IT executives in the Federal Government industry.

Clark Johnson

Economics Advisor to Trade Engine LLC, PhD Yale Economics, MBA UCLA

Track record for initiating action with senior representatives in US and foreign governments, business and academics, and for strategic and intellectual leadership. US DoD, in Afghanistan during 2010-2014. Focused on fiscal and governance reform; initiated discussion for potential “game changers” for NATO mission involving sub-national governance, traditional tribal and religious leaders, and human rights. During earlier tour, worked on development of Afghan National Police, emphasizing finance, legal, and civil service matters …. Team Leader and Economics Advisor, 2008-2009, for DoD contract at Operations Cmd in Iraq; led sharp turn-around in contract performance. We identified untapped opportunities in US-led economic strategy, including in financial sector development, monetary policy, and property rights; also coordinated efforts in agriculture, tribal security issues, building medical service infrastructure, and job creation …. Previously initiated or contributed to key financial sector, fiscal, or local government reform strategies in Saudi Arabia and Kyrgyzstan. Provided economic analysis (2000) that led to use of property tax in Kosovo, which became an unexpected revenue source. Field manager for an ADB contract in Kyrgyzstan, 1999-2000. Wrote award-winning book on international causes of the Great Depression (1997); since published in academic and policy journals on recent “Great Recession”, J.M. Keynes, international financial crises, diplomatic history of the Vietnam War, and strategic issues in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Have taught international economics and corporate/ investment finance at 3 universities. PhD (Yale) in economic and diplomatic history. Fluent English French and German. Several US security clearances since 1996.

Law Offices of Robert Cornish

Legal Department

Mr. Cornish represents Trade Engine LLC. The Robert Cornish Law Firm serves innovators and investors in the global financial markets. Offices in WY, DC and FL. With all of Mr. Cornish's experience in the digital assets space, he has been asked to speak at events in the blockchain and crypto industries. He was a panelist at Blockchain Unbound in Puerto Rico, Money Conference in Dublin and other events in the US, Asia and Europe. He brings a wealth of knowledge of digital assets and laws surrounding them. He worked with the Wyoming Blockchain Coalition to add 13 laws to make Wyoming a welcoming state for crypto and blockchain technology. Bob focuses his practice on litigation, arbitration, regulatory and compliance matters for broker-dealers, investment advisers, hedge funds, commodity firms, institutional investors in the United States and abroad. He places particular emphasis on alternative investment, broker-dealer fund formation, compliance and governance matters, including litigation, arbitration and enforcement. Bob previously served as chief legal and compliance officer and in-house counsel for prominent investment firms, where he acquired valuable experience handling complex business management and marketing matters for investment management clients.

Marc Compagnon


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Trade Engine is building a patent pending Web3 Labor Exchange which will be more modern and more efficient than the popular job market apps that you find online. It’s time that this important part of the world’s labor economic system gets an upgrade. Our app will alleviate market inefficiencies for users, small business and enterprise. We add layers of advanced proprietary technology to make the process much more efficient and time-saving.  

Our solution is designed to be a self-regulating & decentralized matchmaking platform, providing an auditable and fraud proof record of user labor history and employer track record.

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