TEN Governance Tokens

The TEN Governance Tokens are currently available to entities or residents of Wyoming USA, and to entities and residents of international countries, according to their respective jurisdictional regulations. They are not at this time available to entities or residents of other States in the USA, only interested parties in Wyoming and International may participate in this.

Why the Trade Engine LLC Governance Tokens are much better than normal Crypto Tokens:

 Governance tokens are better than normal crypto tokens because they enable holders to directly influence the future of the platform. Unlike normal tokens, which are mainly used as a medium of exchange, Governance Tokens provide users with a say in the direction of the project. This gives users a stake in the success of the project, and makes them more likely to hold on to their tokens. Additionally, governance tokens are often distributed widely, giving users the ability to make their voices heard in a way that is not possible with a centralized model. Finally, governance tokens often come with additional features such as voting, staking, and income generation, which provide users with further benefits.

Notice: When the “TEN” governance tokens are available they will be available contingent upon acceptance of a limited offering exemption request from the State of Wyoming and Buyer’s representation that they maintain a Wyoming entity to purchase the Tokens. The Buyers must check a box stating that they agree to abide by this regulation, and any updated regulations by Wyoming. They will also be available to entities in other countries depending on each country’s regulations.

Those persons or companies that are interested in the TEN governance token can fill out the following form which will be submitted automatically. By filling out the following form you acknowledge that you meet the local state and federal requirements. Thanks for filling out the applications.